Friday, December 4, 2009

waiting, pt. 2

From the same airport waiting session. This is based on a photo of Eleanor Friedberger from the Fiery Furnaces.

waiting, pt. 1

Drew this when I was waiting in the terminal for a flight that got delayed by six hours. It was late at night so everything else in the airport was closed, even food places. I got really absorbed in drawing and it actually wasn't so bad. This was based on a photo in GQ magazine.

keyboard guy

This was the first thing I ever made with gouache paint. I was sooo proud. Now it seems kind of cheesy but 4 years ago I was so stoked to have made this.

truly spiffing

I drew this during math class. Pre-calculus sophomore year, the last math class I ever took.


Rats are highly intelligent creatures. I went through a phase where I would get all the work done early in Spanish class then spend the rest of the class painting with water colors.


I remember thinking this was SO FUNNY. Drawn during class, probably Spanish or World History.

pretty girl

I wish I was as 'into' drawing now as I was when I drew this!

giving away wednesday

Friday, October 30, 2009

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drawing and quote from three teachers my first day or senior year of high school.

knowledge adventure